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Get top-notch business support from highly qualified professionals.
Whether you are an entrepreneur or large multinational corporation, FirmOffices is ready to serve you.


FirmOffices is a division of The Culpepper Trading & Commerce Corporation that provides business support services in Barbados and beyond. It was originally designed to provide administrative services to entrepreneurs and small enterprises in Barbados but has since developed to supply a wide array of services to businesses of all sizes.


Our finance team assists with invoicing, bill payments, wire transfers, book-keeping, cash reconciliations and more…

We provide exemplary admin assistance including document preparation, website maintenance and email management.

We can help you to draft your business plan, register your business and get your enterprise started.

Our consultants can provide feedback and suggestions for your business operations.

Use our team of customer service representatives to interact with your clients and augment your business’ professionalism.

We can help you to find the best personnel to complement your team. We also provide payroll services and can make statutory deductions on your behalf.

Let us help you to showcase your business to the right customers. Our marketing services include social media marketing, product photography, commercials and more..

We collaborate with the best local real estate professionals to help you to find and maintain the best premises for your business.

Do what you do best, outsource the rest

Peter Drucker – Management consultant, educator, and author


Qualified Professionals

Our team and associates have decades of combined experience and have worked with some of the most prestigious businesses across the globe. We are efficient and can accomplish tasks in faster and more effectively.

Cost Savings

Reap the benefits of economies of scale and save on major fixed costs such as salaries, rent, utilities and technology by outsourcing to FirmOffices. You won't have to pay for unproductive downtime like lunchbreaks, vacations and sick leave. Outsourcing can also enhance your productivity and efficiency by allowing your business to focus on its core activities.

State-of the Art Technology

We utilize modern technology and innovative procedures to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness. of our services. As a client, you will be granted access to our portal where you can track the progress of tasks, create projects, send emails to our team and more.

Customized Solutions

Every business is unique. That is why our services are tailored to the specific needs of each business that we serve.


Step 1

Consultation & Onboarding

We discuss and assess your requirements and create customized service solutions.

Step 2

Team Building

We assign a Success Manager and build a dream team for your business.

Step 3

Tasks Delegation

You receive access to your personalized client portal where you can assign and monitor projects and tasks.

Step 4

Reporting & Feedback

We schedule periodic consultations and reports to ensure that your business keeps improving and flourishing.

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We accomplish more tasks in less time.

Below is a list of sample packages. 

For customized business solutions, contact us.


Perfect for small businesses
$ 299 Monthly
  • Up to 10 hours of monthly support
  • Any combination of classic services
  • Personalized client dashboard


Great for busy professionals
$ 549 Monthly
  • Up to 20 hours of monthly support
  • Any combination of classic services
  • Personalized client dashboard


Ideal for medium-sized businesses
$ 999 Monthly
  • Up to 40 hours of monthly support
  • Any combination of classic services
  • Personalized client dashboard
  • Live Receptionist Service
  • Dedicated client representative